Today, you rescued me and made a little boy’s dream come true in the process. When I heard at 12:30 today that the lesson I had booked (at another school) for 2pm wasn’t in fact a lesson, I was devastated. The thought of facing my 6-year old nephew – on his birthday – and telling him that I wasn’t able to give him the gift I had been promising him for over a year was too much. A frantic search on Google led me to Louis Nortje’s Music School – and one call to Louis was all it took. He got Janette on to it, and within 30mins we were sorted with a lesson with Sean. Louis, Janette, and especially Sean, thank you for making this boy’s 6th birthday ‘the best day of my life’ The look of sheer concentration on his face as he listened to Sean and the glow of joy on his face as he got to play a REAL guitar was breath-taking. He is smitten and can’t wait to come back. Thank you rescuing me from letting him down – and thank you for being so kind and patient with us both. You are to be applauded for going above and beyond. #louisnortjemusicschoolrocks!

Frances McKowen Reid, 04 December 2017

Lessons with Louis are incredibly constructive and inspiring. After struggling to find an experienced, affordable, patient (and awesome) piano teacher, I can proudly say that this school is everything I’m looking for as someone looking to take my classical piano training seriously. The school supports students across a wide variety of age groups and skill levels and as a student, you feel supported and inspired by the people that work here. Highly recommended!

Cole Matthews, November 2017

A wondeful music school. Louis is a talented, passionate music teacher that has lots of patience with his students. I personally don’t think my daughter would have shown so much progress with her piano at any other music school. I can highly recommend this music school.

Tia Van Wyk, 05 November 2017

Louis has exceptional piano teaching skills. His creative approach coupled with international exposure makes him a superb piano teacher. I have made great progress with my piano lessons and look forward to more :).

Mohamed Abdul Haq, 20 November 2017